A Letter From Mr. G

Dear JT Parents and Students,

It is with some difficulty that I am writing to you this evening to share with you my intentions.  After 33 years, in our noble profession and 17 years as your superintendent, I have decided to retire at the end of the 2017-2018 school year at the end of June.  It is a decision that I have not taken lightly, but I do have some health issues that I need to give my undivided attention.  I let our staff know yesterday and wanted to let you all know as well. 

I truly love our Justus-Tiawah Family!  I am so proud and glad all of my kids graduated from here!  Coming to Justus-Tiawah 17 years ago, is one of the best career decisions I have ever made.  I have always been treated with respect and kindness from our JT Community!  I truly continue to believe we are the BEST kept secret in Rogers County.

With your continued support, we have accomplished many great things here.  I am very proud of the reputation our district has and continues to have!  It is truly a place that many people love and support.  We have never had a bond issue fail.  We have added one building after another to keep up with the growth and believe more growth is on the horizon.  I have never asked someone in our district for help on something and been told no.  We could not asked for better support!

It has truly been a tremendous honor and privilege to serve as your superintendent the past 17 years.  I could not have had a better job anywhere else that would have fit me, any better.  Please keep up the good fight (legislature) for our students, they are truly worth it!  I still plan on being around in one capacity or another.  If I can ever help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to give me a holler.


Mr. David Garroutte

Go Wildcats!!!