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Attention Parents:

Due to Covid-19, we will be needing to make some changes to the way we enroll, pay, and unfortunately limit spots.

There is a new enrollment packet that is now posted on our website. Everyone will need to print and fill out these forms prior to the first day of school. If you are unable to download and print, please come by the school office to pick up a packet. These forms will need to be turned in as soon as possible. There is a $30 enrollment fee. $10 non-refundable and $20 will apply to your first payment. If you turned in old forms, please fill out a new form. 

Because of having to limit the number of children in daycare, there is a different way of cost/paying. This year, we will be charging a weekly amount for each child that is full time and for the 2nd child of the same family ($40 for Monday-Thursday 1st child, $24 for 2nd child)You can make a monthly payment on the First of the month. You can pay bi-weekly payment due on the First or the Fifteenth of the month or you can make weekly payments. If payment is not made within 3 days of the due date, your child could lose their spot. This year, you will be charged regardless if your child attends. If school is out you will not be charged. 

Part time children will pay $30 for 3 days a week and $20 for two days a week. $18 for the 2nd child in the same family. If you need an occasional day here and there, it will be a $12 charge and must be paid the day of the stay. We understand that this is different from past years, but this gives us a better idea of how many children will be with us on a regular basis and is similar to other before and after care programs in the area. 

We will be checking temps in the morning when the children arrive and will be sanitizing everything used daily. 

We will only be open Monday through Thursday 7:00-8:00 AM and 3:30-5:30 PM. We will not be open on Virtual Friday. 

If you have any questions, call Dana Clifton at 918-341-3626 X3001

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