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Welcome To Justus-Tiawah School


As many of you are aware, our K-8 schools are under attack. We want to keep our parents and community informed. Lone Star with Allen Bowden and Pretty Water will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting at Lone Star School on Friday, February 5th 6:30 PM. Two Represenatives, McCullough and Leewright, will be in attendance. They are AGAINST consolidation!! We encourage you to attend if you can. Let’s fill the gymnasium and show we DO NOT WANT CONSOLIDATION! 

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On Monday, February 1st, we will be starting a new lunch program. Instead of the Traditional “offer a plate”, we will be using the Offer versus Serve Program. The goal of this program is to save on food costs and limit how much food is wasted on a daily basis. It is still based on the Federal Guidelines. Right now, students are offered a plate with all food items from the menu on it. On Monday, students will choose each item they would like on their plate. Here’s how it works:

Students must have 3 points on their plates. Meals will consist of Meat or Main dish (most are 2pts), Vegetables (1pt), Fruits (1pt), Bread or Grain (1pt) and Milk (1pt). Students may choose what they would like. They can take all 5 items or 2 items plus a fruit or vegetable. Here is a sample: 

Grilled Cheese sandwich (2)
Tomato Soup (1)
Celery (1)
Applesauce (1)
Milk (1)

Students can choose all items or just Grilled Cheese, Tomato Soup and Applesauce. The choice has to add up to 3 points. Because the student has 3 or more points, they can choose to take a Milk or not. They do NOT have to take a Milk as long as they have 3 points. For those who do not take a Milk, we will have Water available in the cafeteria. 

We believe this will be a huge benefit in reducing our food costs. If you have any questions concerning the new program, please don’t hesitate in contacting the office. 


Justus-Tiawah Public Schools strives to hold school according to the calendar approved by the Board of Education. However, in the event of inclement winter weather, the possibility of school cancelations may arise to ensure the safety of JTS students and staff.

When deciding whether to close schools, a number of factors are taken into consideration, including the amount of snow fall, condition of residential and thoroughfare roads, temperature, and the ability to clear parking lots and sidewalks. District administrators closely monitor local forecasts at the first announcement of severe weather. From there, they personally travel the roads in various areas of the district.

In most cases, the district makes the final decision to cancel school no later than 6 a.m. on the school day under consideration. The decision is made on a day-to-day basis after weather and road conditions have been assessed. If school is closed, all after-school activities, including sports and evening events, will also be canceled.

In the event JTS cancels school or the arrival/dismissal time is affected on a day school is in session, an announcement will be made via local television stations, JTS Website, and the district’s alert notification system, OneCall. Parents and staff members are encouraged to ensure the primary contact phone number the district has on file is up to date. 

If the school year is disrupted by emergencies or inclement weather and schools are closed, the school year will be extended.

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