Parents as Teachers

Enroll Now in Parents as Teachers!

Are you expecting or have a child birth to 5 years old?
Parents as Teachers (PAT) is a FREE program that currently serves families in the Justus-Tiawah and Verdigis School Districts.

Because your baby was born ready to learn we offer:

Current information on how children gro and develop
Activities and toys that will foster learning and nuture development
Practical answers to your parenting questions
Opporunities to meet other families in your community

What Services will be provided?

Personal Visitis- A certified parent educator, trained in child development and home visiting go to each family’s home twice a month. Visit times are flexible so that all families can participate.
Periodic Screenings- To assure parents that their child’s development is on target or to identify any problems early so appropriate interventions can be found
Group Meetings and Activity Sessions- A fun way to interact with other families in your community. This is a place to share ideas, express ideas, express concerns and obtain parenting information.

To enroll call, text or email Cathy Burkhead, Parent Educator
(918) 857-6895

Studies support that children and families who participate in Parents as Teachers programs not only do better in school, but are also more successul throughout life!

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